Coconut Rum Mocktail

If you enjoy tropical flavors, then this week’s mocktail recipe of the week might just be a new favorite for you! Inspired by a recipe shared in my  Big Time Cheers facebook group, this Coconut Rum Mocktail is super simple to make with just a few ingredients. I can’t promise that you’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island when drinking it, but it IS a delicious way to to enjoy a fun alcohol free take on the classic vacation favorite.

Coconut Rum Mocktail


6 oz Bai Coconut Drink
1.5 oz Ritual Zero Proof Rum
.5 oz Lime Juice

Add ice cubes to your favorite glass. Add 6 oz Bai coconut drink, 1.5 oz Ritual Zero Proof Rum, and .5 oz lime juice. Stir, and enjoy! If you like it extra fancy, you can garnish with cherries, lime wedge, or even bit of fresh orange.

Until next time, big time cheers!


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