Spicy Jalapeño Mocktail Mule

This week it’s all about the spice with a Spicy Jalapeño Mocktail Mule! 🌶 It’s super easy to make at home, and is an excellent mocktail alternative if you’re a fan of a little extra zing in your drinks.



Spicy Jalapeño Mocktail Mule

Jalapeño Peppers
Lime Juice
6 Oz Ginger Beer (My favorite is Q’s Hibiscus Ginger Beer 🌺, but any kind will work!)
Lime Wedge

Muddle 3 slices of jalapeños with 1/2 oz lime juice. Top with ice. Add 6 oz of ginger beer. Garnish with lime wedge or jalapeño. For extra fun, make this in your favorite copper moscow mule cup!

Until next week, big time cheers!


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